About us

What’s special about WIMEN?

WIMEN is an independent, nonpolitical network of associates who use this forum for professional exchange in the field of their expertise. WIMEN provides the necessary background and space for reflection, finding positions and for further personal development. WIMEN focuses on the areas of:

  • Mobility
  • Energy
  • Ecology
  • Public space
  • Environment
  • Gender
  • Education

The essential task is to allow free choice in deciding; the latter is made possible by presenting different approaches and different specializations coming from experts of various fields.

In our network, different positions are made visible, and even seemingly contradictory positions can stand side by side, uncontested. Our network supports the efforts to publicly discuss the framework conditions and plan for changes.

Generally, WIMEN sets new trends and makes these public. Our ideas and actions are guided by the principles of sustainable development, resource conservation and appreciation, and apply the holistic approach.

WIMEN was founded in 2011 as an informal network but is registered today as a society. Those interested can meet us personally 1-2 times during our meetings to find out whether they want to join us or if they would prefer to cooperate with us in any other way. We are an independent organization, with typical advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that it is only our membersand our principles that are binding for us. A downside is that we have to support ourselves from membership fees and from projects. We want to grow, we opt for a slim organization, and we see how we get on.