We observe increasing traffic flows and negative consequences such as congestion, particulate pollution, poor air quality, C02 emissions, noise and stress that affect our quality of life.

New environmentally friendly technologies and trends such as "use instead of own" (e.g. vehicle sharing) need support, as does the fact that short distances can mainly be covered with muscle power.

WIMEN deals with options for action of different target groups, as well as technological developments and the utilisation of them, and tries to observe developments critically.

Our interdisciplinary approaches, opinions and discussions provide added value to current developments. Currently there are several working groups of our members dealing with different topics.

WIMEN has written a position paper on the topic of "Gender Equitable Mobility", which sees itself as a "living document". The paper has been signed by 24 experts and needs further comments, debates, additions and positions. We invite you to participate in our process. Once a year the additions are processed and published.


Here are articles about other fields of our expertise:


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