„Energy Transition Dialogue“ Berlin April 2019

Bild: Susanne Wolf-Eberl


Collaboration Workshop vom Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition beim „Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue“

Susanne Wolf-Eberl und Angelika Rauch nahmen am von Christine Lins organisierten GWNET-Treffen (Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition) teil, stellten WIMEN samt Aktivitäten vor und lernten internationale Vertreterinnen kennen und schätzen.

Gender diversity drives innovation, opens new pathways for technology deployment, brings fresh perspectives to development of societies and attracts and retains a richer pool of talent. As documented by IRENA’s latest study “Renewable Energy: a Gender Perspective”, the renewable energy sector continues to be male-dominated. This under-representation deprives the renewable energy industry of the creativity and resourcefulness of women, thereby potentially slowing the transition to renewable energy systems.
GWNET is collaborating with national/regional organisations from all around the world to empower women in energy. This workshop back-to-back with the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD) on 8 April 2019 served as information exchange between networks and brainstorm about future joint

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