Goals & Objectives

Our aim is to provide space for:

  • an (interdisciplinary) discussion
  • networking, exchanging experiences and cooperating
  • including and visualizing the gender perspective in our topics
  • us to operate as role models and multiplicators of diversity and increasing the visibility of female experts
  • being heard as a unified and recognizable voice

Why is our initiative so important?

  • We vitalize transformation processes at the level of consciousness
  • We stand out through our diverse approaches and various backgrounds
  • We commit to the principles of sustainable development, the conservation of resources, mutual respect and a holistic view
  • Seemingly opposite views are treated non-judgmentally and equally in our network

Our approach is typically “bottom-up“ (from bottom to the top) rather than “top-down“ (from top to the bottom). We stress the “WE” when it comes to the topics of energy, ecology, mobility; our aim is to find a “common voice”.

What can WIMEN offer you?

WIMEN started as a young innovative network, that – because of the word-of-mouth recommendation – has grown rapidly since.

Our first meeting was held on 14 March 2011. Since then, we hold regular discussions and networking events for and/with experts. Another of our special features are our informal "lunch tables" which became increasingly popular and are being held at regular intervals.

WIMEN enshrined our respectful way of interacting with each other in the WIMEN-Chartain September 2012.

Our Motto is “giving and taking”

The WIMEN Charta is the basis for open, fair and transparent interactions within our network but also regarding external communication. The condition for these open interaction is mutual trust.